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web design and development services BlackpoolWild Fig Media offers personalized and professional web design service in Blackpool and surrounding towns and villages.

Web Design

When looking at a website for your business, there are a number of things to consider, at the end of the day, one of the most important is the back up service that they offer in addition to their knowledge on helping you get your website marketed. Wild Fig Media have helped a number of business with marketing their website and we also offer seo consulting with proven results as well as social media consulting and campaign services.

Brochure site or ranked site?

When it comes to website design there are so many things to consider, form over function or function over form, cost, content, expectations of ranking on the search engines as well as local search. If you have any expectation of website rankings for your website, then finding a company that not only says they "Do SEO", but can prove they have a clear understanding of it? if they can, this is going to be a better solution to your requirements. There are a number of seo companies in Blackpool who also undertake webs development, they would probably be a better route to development of your business website. It is pertinent to remember that the cost of the website in some cases will be a single cost , whereas the costs of seo to achieve the rankings that are required will in all likelihood be an ongoing cost.

If you are not to concerned about being found on the internet at the moment and will be directing people to your site or using social media marketing or local press to drive traffic, then the need for the extra expense of having the site content and structure to maximise your presence is not necessary?

If you are in need of a company that can assist you with your web design in Blackpool and are happy to discuss the differences to you as well as the cost implications, then talk to us, if you are in need of seo consultant who understands web design and development and how two work hand in hand, then please contact us today to set up a meeting so that we can discuss your requirements.

Web design Blackpool
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