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Web Design Poulton

Wild Fig Media can offer personalized web design services anywhere in Poulton-Le-Fylde and surrounding areas. Web design is more than just a good looking, aesthetically appealing site, but one that appeals in both layout and function to the requirements that you have for you market place.

Wild Fig Media offer a range hard coded sites or CMS platforms including Wordpress and Joomla on which to build your required design. We find that these CMS (Content Management Systems) frameworks are ideal solutions to the clients ongoing seo requirements.

In addition to our web design service, we also offer organic seo and social media campaigns and a consultation service which are all offered at an affordable rate.

Responsive Web Design

With the number of websites that are growing daily on the world wide web, it is essential that this area of internet marketing is done in a regular, consistent and ongoing manner as possible. As specialists we can take care of your webs design and content structure, whilst working very closely with you to ensure the results you require.

With the ease of use of both Joomla and Wordpress in setting them up and configuring the theme or template to suit your mobile devices, they are the ideal solution when looking at a responsive web design solution that can be viewed on any mobile device and now with the advent of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, both of these frameworks offer a great solution.

Wild Fig Media - Responsive web design in Poulton-Le-Fylde
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