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Organic Search Engine Optimisation Lancashire

Wild Fig Media offers search engine optimisation or organic seo consulting services in Lancashire, we also offer social media, web design and web development consultation services based around a number of popular CMS platforms that we have found to work well with the SEO services we offer.

Organic SEO Lancashire

Organic seo in Lancashire and beyond is a part of our strategy to assist small business based in Lancashire and beyond with their company SEO and other web related services. Why Organic SEO you may ask, we feel that with the amount of time and money companies can spend on getting their SEO and search engine rankings corrected to be the best that they can be, why risk this with a manual penalty and all that effort can go to waste for a period. As an Organic SEO company we tend to follow as far as possible, the Google guidlines, this tempered by our years of experience has given us insight on how to get the best result for our clients.


With the number of websites that are growing daily on the internet, it is essential that this area of internet marketing is done in a regular, consistent and ongoing manner, as specialists we can take care of this for you whilst working very closely with you.

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