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SEO Manchester

If you are a business in Manchester looking or SEO services or an SEO consultant, you may well have just spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your website by your web design company and a few months later you are wondering why you have so little traffic? Welcome to the challenges of the seo consultant and the point at which you realise you may need one.

Why use an seo consultant for your business company in Manchester.

With more and more people using the internet to to look for and or buy services or products from people such as yourselves, ensuring that your website and other online content is finely tuned to ensure that you get the most traffic possible and then from there that the traffic is converted.Obviously the type of search engine management and the content that is generated and the platforms that it comes from is dependant upon whether or not only have a an online business or a brick and mortar business. Seo is not a one hit wonder, it takes time and management and consistent engagement to ensure that your website receives, and maintains the traffic to keep the orders and enquiries coming in. Manchester as a business hub is one of the most competitive in the United Kingdom and indeed Europe. Good SEO consultants are able to look at your business model, your current online seo strategy and develop a online seo plan that will see an increase in the amount of visibility of your online presence.

What would an seo consultant cost in Manchester?

Seo consultants have a number of ways of charging for the fees, there is normally an initial fee for investigations of the current status of the website, keyword status as well as competitor analysis. As there are very few one hit wonders and most of the resolutions take time and is an ongoing process, most would look to charge and an ongoing monthly / campaign a cost per keyword / phrase if it is purely based upon that, some international companies negotiate a split on profits on the difference from turnover before the commencement of the campaign to the new turnover changes that have been achieved, this can be very costly in the long run but it is based on profits, so may therefore be more appealing to some. There are also different elements of the seo to consider, is the seo that is to be undertaken, onsite seo, offsite seo, competitor analysis, keyword and industry research, in the cases where it is onsite seo that is to be undertaken, you will have to give access to the consulting company to your website - in some corporates, this will not be allowed and you end up working with the development company which increases the client costs. But all in all, the costs can go back to either an hourly rate or campaign rate based upon what your expectation is. Other charges that may be involved are PPC, Adword costs, editorial costs on highly ranked websites etc.