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As SEO Consultants for Manchester, Wild Fig Media offers a personalized and professional search engine optimisation services or seo consulting for Manchester and all of the surrounding areas. Whilst anyone can build and populate websites and content management systems available today, there are many aspects that make an website SEO friendly, from the architecture to the content, social media and other forms of media. Generally speaking with Google still accepting over 60% of global searches including voice search and local search from Mobile devices, all these have to be taken into consideration when building and populating your site with content. Most search engines like to have unique content

Whilst we undertake web design and all other types of online content management, we are at our heart, seo consultant's, offering seo consulting services. We also offer web design and social media consultation services as well. Alongside out partnership with the Florida based creative marketing agency, Howzit Media, we are able to offer you a full spectrum of services that a traditional marketing company would offer, with the difference being ours in web focused.

With the number of websites that are growing daily on the internet offering their services to the business's of Manchester, it has become increasingly more difficult for sites to rank well for even local search in Manchester, while there are many offering their "SEO" services, done well it can be very beneficial, done badly it can be catastrophic. It is essential that this area of your internet marketing is done in a regular and consistent manner in order to get the maximum benefit and return. As specialist seo consultant's we can take care of this aspect of your business for you, in addition we can also offer to manage all your online content for you to ensure the best return for your company.

If you are based in or around Manchester and need a professional seo consultant, web development or social media consultant and now even a Creative Agency, please contact us today.

SEO Consultant Manchester
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