The SEO Business in London

With business in London topping £ 1,135,296 Million in turnover (Reference) and with over with over 14,000 businesses located in the Square Mile and many more in surrounding areas, the City of London offers a wide range of support and services for the City's very unique business cluster. This unique situation gives us the opportunity to focus on the London Local SEO challenges that occur due to this large business density.

London Based On line Business.

With this number of business's all positioning themselves for a portion of your online buck, SEO and digital marketing,specifically targeting London has to be one of your top most priorities. If you are serious about getting your online business in front of lots of possible clients, then the time for self service SEO attempts at promoting yourself or your online company has long gone. The need to find a suitably qualified and driven SEO Consultant or online marketing agency if you do not have inhouse staff. An Organic SEO consultant or an Agency who is well versed in SEO, technical seo, social media and suitable content is critical. Your future online strategy and ongoing sustainable growth is going to depend on this.

SEO consultant - Why you need one

To consider every aspect of the complex SEO requirements of today's websites and the many changes to the Google algorithms make this a financial sense and the brief should include competitor analysis, Technical seo andorganic seo. Why Organic SEO you may ask,  Organic SEO and organic content will pretty uch ensure that you will not attract any manual penalties that can quite literally remove you from the search landscape. It should also keep you away from the Blackhat seo methods. Your On and Off site elements and the management of these can be quite a task on a large site of 100's of thousands of pages. Below are a short list of some of the attributes a good seo consultant will require.
  • Technical on site seo aspects.
  • Off site content and link management.
  • Back linking.
  • Management of social media campaigns.
  • Analytics.
  • Suitable SEO Structured Content.
  • Graphics and Media.
  • SEO Strategist.
These are just a few of the attributes that are required to get you and keep you at the top of your game and the top of the Google search engine rankings for London. The strategies that may be required to be developed require a considerable amount of knowledge and insight into the London local search requirements.
Wild fig Media has years of experience of in working with companies who wish to enhance their web search rankings, contact us today to find out more.
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SEO and Social Media

In an ideal world, your seo strategies (part of your online strategy) should be clearly defined, even prior to building your website. Your website  strategy is an ongoing cost (money, time or both), Wild Fig Media can offer a range of options to create, enhance and maintain your social media and seo strategies. We are able to manage all your online content for a minimal cost. Contact us today to find out more.

Areas of Personal Service

Small Business SEO


Being a small business can difficult. Many businesses fail in their first year, and many more do not make it to the five-year mark. Even more established businesses can fail if they are unable to or refuse to adapt to changing times. Small Business Marketing is difficult and digital marketing, more so. The technical nature of SEO can make it one of the most difficult form of marketing your business. Organic listings build trust with local customers, and all the best business relationships are built on a foundation of trust.

Considering SEO


When considering SEO, then these are some of the things to consider when looking at your SEO. Ranking and Visibility, On-Site SEO, Links and Link Building, Local SEO, Keywords and Keyword Research, Crawling and Site Audits, GAP Analysis, Analytics and Reporting, Content Marketing, Social Media and Influencer Marketing, International SEO, Mobile SEO, Page Load Speed and AMP, Competitor Analysis.

Local SEO


More and more searchers are looking for local business and more importantly, they are doing this on mobile devices and smart devices like the Amazon Alexa and the Google Dot. Ensuring that your "Local SEO" elements are well configured, can help your business stand out in the search engine results or SERPs. This will ensure your local ranking factors like name, address and phone number (NAP) and customer reviews to rise in the organic results and even get featured in the carousel that places you prominently on page one. It is also important that you follow SEO best practices. We are Local to Preston and Blackpool.