Wild Fig Media

Below is an overview of our pricing structure for our services, we have attempted to be as transparent as possible with our costs, if there are any products of services that are not included, please feel free to drop me a line and I will call you straight back for a discussion.

SEO, Digital or Social Media Consulting:

There are a number of options available here, we have tried to make it as flexible and as affordable as possible whilst still refelcting the professional level of the services we offer.
Please note that a portion of all work undertaken will be paid up front and the balance on completion.

Fixed pricing - Four days or more:

£300 per day.
Single days: £350 per day.

>Half day: £200
Hourly: £55
These prices excluded travel and sundries.


Starting from as little as £380 *
The budget websites are limited to max 4 pages and all images and graphics are to be supplied.

SEO campaigns:

Organic seo campaigns can start from as little as £50 pm with an initial set up and consultation starting from £125 and include monthly keyword reporting.

We have two levels of Search Engine Optimisation options, namely fixed monthly payment on an agreed scope of work or flexible payments based on results: Honeslty speaking from my results, the fixed payments are the cheaper option.

A daily rate per keyword based on the search engine page ranking, in other words you are paying for results only, keywords / phrases are grouped in units of of 20. The acceptance on this particular package is at our discretion based upon the keyword values and the number of words / phrases selected.

For example Page #1 Rank 1 will be £1 per word per day per search engine.

Page 1 results will be £0.50 per day per keyword per search engine,

Page 2 results will be £0.30 per day per keyword per search engine.

Ranked 20-50 will be £0.10 per day per keyword per search engine

Social Media Campaigns:

Labour rates from as little £80 excludes social media platform costs and media creation.


From £20 - Per month

Competitor analysis

Prices on request, company size dependant

Email Creative

From £250

Email Marketing

List size dependant, please enquire

Hand drawn Marketing Video's

From £120


Transport is billed at £0.40 per mile when a company vehicle is used, any other transport is billed the prevailing transport rate.


Images are billed at the prevailing rate of of the graphic stock agency.

Corporate Rebranding and Logo design.

Costs starting at £375 for consulation and Logo design.
Full rebrand including card and letter head designed - £550
*£380 websites are built on the Joomla or Wordpress platform with a commercial template - no changes to commercial templates will be considered.
This price also includes only the std contact form.
Ecommerce sites can be added into this cost at an additional £120 for the intergration and configuration, this does not include the addition of any content or products to the shop.