seo-image-sizeYou should all know by now that page load times matter in terms of how it impacts on the website SEO.
To ensure that your images do not impact your page load times, make the image file size as small as possible (without sacrificing the image quality by blurring it).
There are a number of free tools avialble that will allow you to re size your images easily
But, most importantly, DO NOT let your browser resize a large image to look smaller. ie take a 1800px wide image that is 3mb in size and use the tags available to resize the image down to 220px wide, you will see that the image looks blurred and the file size will still be 3mb!
Yes, that will impact your page load speed, resize the images to the correct size required from scratch, take time to prepare the images before you start on your article.
•    There are two major search engine indexes available currently that are dedicated to finding and cataloging Images (Google and Bing).
•    There are lots of photo and image sharing websites where you can upload and post images with optimized titles and meta information with backlinks pointing to your company website.
•    Images are very often featured on the first page of SERPS in the Universal search index.
•    You see images in Google Maps.
•    Search engines have a dedicated crawler for images. Google’s crawler can be seen as Googlebot-Image.
•    Google’s local search index for businesses (Google Places) has the option to upload a number of pictures and images representative of your company.
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