lipstickImages as an asset for organic search engine results and search engine optimization, are often overlooked in the greater scheme of things.  Images can definitely help drive traffic by means of people using image search as well as their inclusion in the universal search results.
Before we go any further, it is also important to remember that the misuse of images can lead to copyright infringement, so please take notice of this.
The use of the right image is incredibly important. Great images can add a whole new dimension to an article or page that can encourage people to share the page and create some great back-links to your site (very important). Research has shown that while text is still the first thing seen on the page, the image is what sells the page, so where possible, buy the best image that you can afford for articles,
Alt text or tags that should always be included, are another way that search engines help determine what your image is about. Unlike traditional web content, search engines cannot determine the context of an image. As a result, search engines need to rely on captions around the image, alt text, file names and other surrounding text. By adding descriptive text in the "alt" tag helps the search engines determine what the context of the image may be about.
The code for this would look something like the following.
<img src="/lipstick.jpg" alt="brilliant red lipstick ">
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