seo marketingI am often asked by my prospective clients, How much does an seo campaign cost? and rather than go down the road of - How long is a piece of string, I explain to them that as a consultant, I will charge them for my time whilst I explain the process and options to them and that I will deduct this cost from any further invoice they may receive if they enter into a seo service contract. I then proceed to ask the client to outline what they mean and understand by seo campaigns, what they would like to achieve and what their expectations are. I then look at the particular market sector that they are in and then go through some process that would need to be undertaken, discuss my hourly rates in detail as well as contract rates and periods and then look at practical and logical steps forward. I also may temper expectations were needed and then proceed to work with the client to expedite the process should they wish to proceed.

Seo is not a mystical vodoo like science, lets get real here, it takes time and money to undertake any seo campaign. The process's, faults, the market place, current ranking (if any), social media status, the websites technical standing, all of these should be considered (this list is a lot longer) before any change be implemented, In other words we need a very clear understanding of the current status. Then, and only then should we go on to plan and implement the seo campaign. All of these factors are discernible and quantifiable. You have spent years gaining experience and knowledge, spent endless hours learning systems and analytic's and web architecture, this is what people come to you for, this is what you charge for, your knowledge, skills, but most of all the results!

No clients have endless budgets, at the end of the day they are paying for results, so do the industry a favour and have a very clear understanding of your rates and how you bill out your time, your staff time and your resources and what your client can expect, the clients will end up having a far better experience and perception of the profession, and as a benefit, you will probably have a client for years to come.

help your client where you can, if they afford the whole package, look for the areas that will give them the most bang for their buck. Most importantly, ensure your client knows where the time and money is going to be used.


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