What seo keywords and phrases should we use in our site content?

I suppose that an illustration of a real test sample here would be more helpful. I am an organic search engine or seo consultant working out of Lancashire in the United Kingdom, but working globally.
Based on my description of the work I do, I then relate that back to the following suitable keywords and phrases, seo, seo Lancashire, seo consultant Lancashire and seo United Kingdom. I then proceeded to write some basic articles with the relevant keywords and phrases included, added some rich snippets with the same data content, added images and alt tags to match, added text tags to the page with the same keywords and phrases. I then saved the page, and added it to a linked item on the menu and added further pages to the content with index, follow as an internal link. I then made sure that the pages could be found by spidering the content and site map. I then pinged Google, Bing and Yahoo for site map updates and then waited patiently for the first results to come through. On the 3rd week I was on page 3 of Google for the search terms and and by week 4 I was on page one! Not bad. The reason you use a variety of closely related search terms is that on various searched terms, the search engine results will differ, if you only have one term or keyword, it makes the whole job of getting good results, exponentially more difficult.
The two search terms that you will see below are "Organic seo Lancashire" and "Organic seo consultants Lancashire" see how the results differ by omitting a single word in the phrase. Have a look at the screen shots that I have attached to show the page rank as well as the positioning of the result. organic seo Lancashire, organic seo consultants Lancashire.

organic seo lancashireorganic seo consultants lancashire

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