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Email marketing can be a very important tool in almost every marketeers arsenal of tools and as such, much a part of today's digital contact medium. This may be for personal or business connection, newsletters, promotional material or lead generation of a variety of different types and formats.
Whilst our mailing platform is great for business or commercial high volume traffic, we also developed a fully managed system that allows you to send an email marketing campaign with a call to action that simply asks the client "Call me now", with your short or long form data loaded into the system, the client need only click on the link! The platform will immediately fire off an email to the call centre of your choice an email with the clients data to call. For more info please download the presentation from the link below.
Download the information presentation NOW and send through an enquiry, let us assist you in getting in immediate contact with your clients today.
seoSimply put, Organic SEO offers natural search engine results (SERP's). While paid results can get your Web site to rank faster for a specific keyword or phrase, primarily because you have bought links or added paid content on high PR rated sites, The moment that you stop paying, your rankings will normally plummet, often to levels lower than when you first started, unless you are backing these practices up with good seo practices. Most PPC (Pay per click) ads that you find at the top of the search pages are "unnatural" results, most people using the web today consider these  to be no better than print advertising, and will often skip them in favour of the natural and more meaningful search results.
An organic search is a search that generates results that were not paid advertisements. Many customers feel that these results are a more accurate reflection of what they might want when searching for a specific phrase, because they are generated by popularity, common usage as well as relevance bourne out of having high quality, informative content.
When you conduct SEO or search engine optimization on your site, you are attempting to adjust the content and structure of your Web pages to rank well in the  search engine results.
This definition accurately describes the approach taken by organic search optimization strategies.
Organic SEO can achieve long-lasting and quick results and when the high search engine visibility starts, these will be long lasting as the high search engine ranking is based upon having created a "natural" operation of high quality links, relevant content and technically competent website.
Which ever way you choose to move into the market place for seo,  Organic seo optimisation, should be seen as both necessary and an important mainstay to your online strategy.

White hat marketing solutions with Organic SEO

Whilst Natural or Organic seo practices are great, and in our eyes the only way to go on your website, If you need growth, traffic and people to locate your content, you will have to Market both your site and content, here again Wild Fig Media, we can assist you in your marketing using White hat seo tecniques and the marketing of your website by using Google safe techniques.
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

SERPS - Search Engine Result Pages


Organic seo and social media marketing specialists

Wild Fig Media - Organic SEO Consultants based in LancashireWe are a specialist organic seo,social media consulting and marketing agency. At our core, we believe that organic seo is the better option for business as a longer term and more beneficial growth strategy. Everything we do from the web design and development, to the organic seo campaigns and strategies, the Social Media Marketing and the content that is supplied, is all done to ensure that your seo rankings, are set up in such a manner that it will ensure that your site ranks as highly as possible.

With local search becoming far more prevalent and beneficial for smaller companies, this particular aspect of your seo marketing strategy has to be seen as a critical element in your online presence seo strategy and is something we specialize in and can show you the results of our work.

If your company staff budget is to small too have a full time web or seo person on staff, call us to discuss rates with us and we will work with you to ensure that this important element of your online content & seo is taken care of professionally.

If you would like to discuss your seo requirements, please contact us today on 01253 425813 or use the enquiry form.