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You have a website, absolutely great content and no visitors, well not yet. This is where the case for social media comes in, It will allow you to market to, and engage with, people who will find your products or services appealing.
The type of traffic and conversions that you hope to achieve, at least initially will be directly proportionate to the amount of your budgetary spend, like all things, the more you do it, the easier, more proficient and cheaper it can become.
Social media marketing and website SEO are among two strategies that have between them, in a huge amount of synergy. They are both, if managed correctly inbound strategies that focus on building and driving traffic to an online identity and community that will attract and retain visitors. Since social media relies on high-quality content with which people can engage with and a strong brand presence. The effort that you spend on SEO and creating great content can more than double your social media reach. Many search marketers would tell you, your social media presence and activity can greatly increase your search rankings.

Unfortunately, when discussing the benefits and in what way social media influences your Google rankings, most search engine and social media marketers leave out the details. Rather than explaining exactly how and why increased social media traffic can improve your SEO, it’s generally written off in quite banal terms, lacking any real valid, relevant  or cohesive explanation.
To resolve this, we have compiled a list of six social media practices that have been shown to benefit and significantly boost your SEO, this week is Part #1.
We hope you enjoy it and are able take you useful tips and ideas with you.

Start by Growing the Number of Social Media Followers

1. The total number of both followers and connections to your social media profile does have a significant influence on your serp rankings. A company which has a social count of 100 Twitter followers will not receive anywhere nearly the ranking bonus of a large company or a corporation with a million or more Facebook likes and millions of Twitter followers. However, there are some big stipulations to this; Google can detect the quality of your followers, meaning buying 100,000 proxy Twitter followers is a non no and isn’t going to do much for your overall rankings, instead it will hurt them. You will need to build your following organically.
Ensuring that the number of followers grows organically, can be a slow process if you are looking for quality followers, but very effective as long as you are consistent. Present your brand with a unique proposition that people can engage with and remember, be consistent in your posts, using the same "voice" to update your users on a regular if not daily basis. Remember to post practical, useful articles, helpful tips, open enquiries, and general discussion items, then follow up with your users by engaging with them in direct conversations. Conversations and direct customer engagements can be a key element to building and maintaining, retaining a growing an interactive following that will engage with you and your company for years to come.
Once again, Wild Fig Media are specialists at this, if you are looking at a social media campaign at the moment, give us a call to discuss how we can hein.
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