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SEO, Social Media & Back Links

We have been discussing Organic seo and social media. As social media consultants recommend that one should give serious consideration to the use of a managed and well structured social media campaign and the benefits that are derived from it to your seo and conversions.
Social media campaigns are a great way of getting your content out there into the market place and a great way to engage with your clients. The question is in part, how do people find my content over on your website?
When your potential clients find great content that appeals to them and for want of a term "ticks their boxes", they are more likely to share your content and give you valuable link backs to your website.


These back links give real validation to search engines that your content is, or has the potential to be a valuable resource and as such will give support to your seo rankings by giving you a higher "Page or Domain Authority"
3. Encouraging External Inbound Links to your Online Assets. Social media is an exceptionally powerful and useful tool as it encourages more external sites and followers to link directly to your websitecontent which also has the benefit of spreading the number of backlinks across a number of pages on your domain. the more diverse that your external links are i.e. dot com's, dot org, etc and also across a number of IP ranges. As the number of backlinks grow the more domain and page authority you’ll gain in the eyes of the search engines. Of course, the caveat to this is that you have to have high quality and authoritative content to start with or a base from where you are able to start a meaningful campaign, this means that your seo strategy will take a little time in order to build this foundational content.
In this case, social media serves simply as a social broadcast channel for your content. Your content, assuming it’s original and useful, is going to serve as great bait, your existing and new social media channels are
going to serve as dissemination channels, putting the bait in front of the right target audience eyes. The use of #hashtags on social platforms should be undertaken in order to gain extended tracking and
visibility for your initial rounds of posts, and remember, do not hesitate to include your content into existing threads and discussions on forums or remote blog posting platforms and social media
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