social 01 - images by freepikOffline social media? what is it and what does it entail? For your micro and SME's it is even more important that you have an offline strategy regarding your social media.
Social media is, whether it is online of offline about engaging your with your clients, starting a simple single conversation in the shop or online that will engages the client so they end up looking you up and following you or you them! In this way you end up having another client listening into you online conversations, offers and pearls of wisdom that you post.

If you have a brick and mortar venue, let them know you have facebook, Google plus and twitter by means of print adverts as well as stickers and decals around the shop and all on your stationery.
Ask people they would mind giving your product / service a personal review, these are worth their weight in gold, as well as encouraging people to "check in" your store with their social media platforms.

Make regular meaningful updates on the sites and platforms that hold value to your clients, get them to engage with you by means of allowing them to upload images, video and content that may be of value to other clients. (This must be closely monitored)
More than this,  it is about doing this regularly and with thoughtfulness to your post content, making sure it is relevant and engaging.

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