social-mediaWith an ever increasing number of CEO's, CIO's, CTO's, CFO's etc having been made aware and transformed to the power of Social Media and it's benefits of engagement with the clients, Social Media is clearly a rising star.
However, over the last few months I have seen and heard many of my colleagues paying more attention to the acquired numbers (hopefully qualified clients) and not enough to the clients with whom they have engaged, after all, the reason the big brands are spending this money is to get a ROI, that may be Short, medium or long term, totally dependant upon the client brief and strategy. Social Media is all about relevant, high quality unique and engaging content that is dispatched in such a manner that it does not overwhelm the client in so much that they feel that they need to run a mile from you after a month or two.
Careful attention to campaign and media details will ensure that your Social Media campaign will retain many of its converts and continue to grow, benefiting you in the retention of long term clients.
Social Media should never be seen in isolation, independent of your other online practices. Outcomes must be measured and viewed in light of all other online marketing strategies. If your content is bad, you can bet your bottom dollar that this will reflect in your Social Media outcomes very quickly.
For Global brands that span many continents and countries, the  tracking and logging of your campaign results on a global scale is critical to your head of information who is managing the the Global #BigData that is created through this multitude of channels and campaigns, often across many different marketing companies, platforms and languages - but it is in the analysis of data that the trends and anomalies can be found, those that cannot be readily seen on a smaller data sets at a more regional level.
So, let us not forget that the many clients who have engaged with us, that we do not drive them away by poor attempts at increasing the media volumes by the use of poor quality content, thereby losing our integrity and clients at the same time. treat them as a valued client and let them tell their own stories in the numbers! After all, This is the Endgame
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