Here is a short explanation of what happens when a domain name expires (for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.us. domains):

So what happens if you choose not to renew your domain name at the end of the billing cycle or a competitor whose domain you have been watching goes down?
Generally speaking, once a domain name expires, the owner has between 1-75 days in order to renew it, and the costs that are associated with a renewal, usually increase as the domain moves from Hold (Registrar-Hold) to RGP (Redemption Grace Period).
During the Hold and RGP stage, the DNS (Domain Name Server), e-mail and web services cease to work for the expired domain. The domain is removed from the zone file and does not appear to resolve (cannot find server error is displayed in the browser).
Once a domain reaches the final deletion stage in the cycle (also known as PendingDelete) it can no longer be renewed and it is marked for deletion by the registry.
There are approximately 35,000 domain names that go through the "PendingDelete" cycle daily.
After the 5 day "PendingDelete" cycle (a registrar may also chooses to immediately delete a domain), a domain drops and once again becomes available for registration on the open market through registrars.
Here are some interesting facts about the domain drop cycle that you may not know:
  • 120,000 to 200,000 domains expire daily due to non-renewals. Many of these are renewed as soon as the registrant realizes that their e-mail or site no longer works.
  • 25,500 to 60,000 domains drop (become available) daily as part of the regular drop cycle.
  • Approximately 1.5 million domains are registered and dropped daily as part of domain tasting.
  • The official drop time for .com/.net is between 11 AM and 2 PM Pacific time (domains are deleted in batches throughout this time period).
social like - freepicsSo you have your new website, great - well possibly! You are correct in that it is a first step, we will assume that you have done all the basics here keywords etc, submission analytics, webmaster and a few directory submissions to relevant directory services. Now it is time to get you social media house in order, create your facebook page, Google plus account, twitter and Linkedin and any other that may be relevant ie Pinterest.
make the look uniform for branding purposes so that every time your logo or branding colours are seen that they become instantly recognizable.
Ensure that these submissions are all made and whatever authentication is ratified and verified, this is very important for local search if you are a micro or small business. This can take some time ,however within a week or two after that you should see the difference to your rankings to start.
We all have our pet hates about posts on websites, so be concious of others, remember your object is get them to"Like" you and follow you, in this way you get an ideal platform to help promote your products and services.
In the next instalment we will go into a little more detail about setting up the various accounts,
microsoftWhy buy a new domain when you can buy an old one? you are probably thinking, what on earth is he talking about, well let me explain.
When you buy a new domain, from scratch, you have to create the site as well as an entire site history and that can be expensive and very time consuming, nothing that a lot of months or a few years will not fix.

On the other hand, with between 7000 and 20000 domains expiring every day, there is a good chance that you may be able to pick up an "Old" domain that already has a a web history, traffic and pagerank to go with it!  The trick is to get the domain name as shortly after the site becomes publicly availability as possible. (I will leave an explanation of possible scenarios on how to achieve this for a later post).
Sites that have the history already built can be a real blessing to you or your client, especially if their pages are available on any of the "Wayback sites" like
For sites offering these type of results when doing your research, one to look at as an example would be
If this is the case, the site content can be added back to its last known roll back point and then new content added and indexed.
So next time you are looking for a new domain, consider looking for an old one!
Grammar and seo are important elements in relation to your site content in the sense that it is important to traffic and therefore back links, people will not share a poorly written article and therefore it will not be as successful if it is fraught with grammatical and spelling errors.
Some seo specialists recommend the use of mis spelled words and terms in the content and articles as "keywords", I do not personally agree with this approach, especially of you have an e-commerce site looking for conversions in terms of sales - having said that there are some products and services that can be quite easily mis spelled in it's everyday usage, in this case I would add the mis spelled word alongside the correctly spelled one with an explanation, this allows you to insert the word whilst showing your clients that you do worry about correct presentation and usage of the words.