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Wild Fig Media - Organic SEO Consultants based in LancashireWe are a specialist organic seo,social media consulting and marketing agency. At our core, we believe that organic seo is the better option for business as a longer term and more beneficial growth strategy. Everything we do from the web design and development, to the organic seo campaigns and strategies, the Social Media Marketing and the content that is supplied, is all done to ensure that your seo rankings, are set up in such a manner that it will ensure that your site ranks as highly as possible.

With local search becoming far more prevalent and beneficial for smaller companies, this particular aspect of your seo marketing strategy has to be seen as a critical element in your online presence seo strategy and is something we specialize in and can show you the results of our work.

If your company staff budget is to small too have a full time web or seo person on staff, call us to discuss rates with us and we will work with you to ensure that this important element of your online content & seo is taken care of professionally.

If you would like to discuss your seo requirements, please contact us today on 01253 425813 or use the enquiry form.

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In an ideal world, your seo strategies (part of your online strategy) should be clearly defined, even prior to building your website. Your website  strategy is an ongoing cost (money, time or both), Wild Fig Media can offer a range of options to create, enhance and maintain your social media and seo strategies. We are able to manage all your online content for a minimal cost. Contact us today to find out more.

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