Social Media Icon SetAs always with any social media strategy or campaign that you are looking at - what is the plan? Careful planning of your budgets (if any), time allocation, both in the planning, carrying out and managing the social media campaign and any other identified resource must be set aside.

Have a clear understanding of what you wish to achieve - remember when starting out, small steps are more achievable realistic and will give you a sense of achievement when completed successfully.
For example What type of steps are we looking at trying to achieve XXX number of page "Likes", XXX number of Click thu's to landing pages or other online platform, XXX number of take ups on coupons that may be offered - you must assign a value to it in order for you to ascertain if you have been successful, it must be measurable and achievable, especially when starting out.
On this point, please remember if you are using coupons, you will need to have them designed and available for download, and to track "click thru's" you will need some form of analytics tracking facility.

For the purpose of this exercise, we wil use a small retail shop who wants more facebook followers, Our strategy here is to get people to go to a specific URL and use a "pay by social" plugin to enable them to download a discount voucher that may be used in house or online. The "Pay by social" means that the client has to go and "Like" your company facebook page in order to download the voucher, only once this has been authenticated is the voucher downloadable to be redeemed.
This url should be published made available in house as well as spoken about with clients, get excited about this, it should also be in your email and print correspondence with a call to action on icon to generate a response.
Get everything prepared and tested for the launch day, and remember to get excited about this.

This simple scenario was used by a client of mine and is a great way of getting an honest increase of genuine users who use to products or services to engage with you online. You are probably asking what is stage two? - you will have a few days to wait for the next section to be put online,

I know that these scenarios are very brief, if you would like more information or details on some of these strategies, please feel free to contact me.

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